Of the three destinations for the International Study Trip 2012, Beijing China was the most popular choice but only twenty students had the privilege to experience China’s business culture, heritage, cuisine and the Chinese way of life first hand. We had a great experience in Beijing and we owe it to the programme manager Michaela Vokounova and local tour guide Peter Wong. The entire trip was seamless and very well organized with a good balance of informative site visits to businesses both local and foreign owned sightseeing activities and cultural events.
On day one our experience in China kicked started with an exhilarating guided tour of  Tian An Men  Square and the Forbidden City.

Companies visited  and topics discussed included:

Tesco  Stores Ltd.: Challenges and opportunities for foreign investors
LiNing: Competitive strategies of global companies : how to deal with local competitors
United Family Hospital : Health Care in China & trends in health care industry
Lenova – China’s innovation and global reach
Microsoft:  China Challenges
Accounting Firm Lehman Brown  – China Business guide

Welcome dinner at the Jasmine restaurant in the popular Hou Hai lake region


China Great Wall
Our trip to Beijing would not have been complete without a visit to the Great Wall – one of the greatest wonders of the world with a history of more than 2000 years. It was a magnificent sight and an experience to cherish.  Some students hiked up the gentle side of the Badaling section of the wall while the more daring ones persisted until we got to the top of the steeper side.

Badaling Section of the Great Wall
Even our professors Sue Balint and Kieran Williams made it to the top of the steep side

Beijing Olympic Bike Tour
For those who choose not to go on the bike tour certainly missed a treat as it was one of the major highlights of the trip. The tour took us through the traditional Hutong  along the ancient alleys and narrow lane ways  to the 2008 Olympics Park. At the park we saw the famous Bird’s Nest and Water Cube up close and some students even toured the cube.  The entire bike ride was exhilarating as we joined the locals in the Beijing bicycle culture and experience.

Students enjoying the ride through Beijing

Farewell dinner cooked right before our very eyes !!!Farewell dinner at Beijing

Farewell Dinner
For our final night we were treated to authentic Chinese cuisine made in front of us by a local chef. The dinner was held at a restaurant located in the traditional Hutong Area of Beijing.
Inspite of its challenges China is still a country full of great opportunities. Our trip was very enlightening and has helped us to better understand and appreciate the impacts that the history and culture of the Chinese people has on their way of doing business

 This blog post is written by  Dimsoy Cruickshank  who is currently studying MBA at University of Westminster.

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