The campus is changing to offer a better experience for students and to provide world class teaching, social and research facilities. Home to the Westminster Business School (WBS) and the School of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE), the Marylebone campus will be completely transformed to create a vibrant and contemporary environment for students, staff and visitors. A £20m investment to provide our students a fresh, vibrant and professional campus, located in the heart of London. The project began in November 2010 and will be complete by the end of August 2012. Similarly for Westminster Business School, this development will provide an attractive space for our undergraduate students appropriate for a leading university business school.

We would like to share some of the main features of this extensive development:

A ‘Learning Platform’
At the heart of the campus, the Learning Platform will be created by placing a roof over the current outdoor podium area. It will be completely remodelled and the new layout will contain contemporary furnishings.

A great choice of refreshments : Perfect place to network and connect
Refreshments will be provided at our new and improved catering area, situated within the Learning Platform. It will offer an international range of sustainably sourced refreshments with extended opening hours to support students and staff throughout the day and during weekend activities.

New state-of-the-art facilities
These are new, dynamic multi-purpose facilities that can host a variety of high-profile events such as exhibitions, seminars and forums. These areas will provide our students with valuable opportunities to showcase work, network with industry professionals and participate in a range of extra-curricular events.

A green and sustainable campus

We are making changes to our facilities to be more sustainable and to support a green, lower-carbon, environmental agenda. Measures are in place to improve natural lighting and air flow, to reduce heat loss and offer significant carbon savings. One of these initiatives involves the roof over the Learning Platform. It will maximise natural light with a glazed ‘Blade’ and will supply the campus lavatories with the rainwater it collects.

Improved library services and space
Our library area will expand to provide better study areas for students. With direct access from the new Learning Platform it will support our students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Westminster Business School is proud to be part of this extensive state of the art redevelopment and excited to share the new developments with the current and the future students.



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