MBA admission process can be stressful but we are here to make it smoother for you with our top ten tips to get you organised.

1-Do your search well : Check all the available options we have from full-time MBA to part-time MBA . Work experience play a big role in the admissions process and about your eligibility to the program.

2- Attend an open evening or an MBA Information Session:  It will give you an opportunity to discover more about the course, speak to our academics and meet current students and alumni. Additionally you can experience the Westminster teaching style by attending a taster lecture given by one of our MBA academics.

3- Make sure you know the schools’ deadlines and make a checklist of what you need for the application – Official GMAT score, transcript(s), recommendations, essays, and application form.

4- Talk to other students who have been to our MBA program MBA Information sessions and open days are great ways to meet alumni and current students wh would be there to answer any of the questions. Check out some of the events coming up here

5- Need help with funding? A selection of scholarship opportunities are available; check the individual programmes for info and deadlines. Check our MBA Scholarship opportunities here.

6- Not so exciting part but book your GMAT. An essential part of your application which tests your written, quantitative, verbal and integrated reasoning abilities.

7- If possible visit the school you are applying to. Talking to students and getting a feel for the school in-person is invaluable and also shows the school you are interested. Our Westminster Business School Marylebone campus is changing read more about it here and watch a current video that covers all the exciting changes on our campus.

8- Connect with us on our social networks. Our Social Media channels allow you to network with alumni and current students.

9- Start your application NOW and submit. You know that places are in high demand, make sure you complete your application by the stated deadline and submit.

10- Showcase your work experience. Business schools see your career accomplishments as indicators of your commitment level and practical understanding of the real world. Work accomplishments should be addressed not only in your essays and resume, but also in your letters of recommendation. Make sure you show how getting your MBA will help you accomplish your long term goals. Good Luck !!! and don’t forget always reach out to the school that you are applying.


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