The most common reason for undertaking an MBA is to either to make a significant career move or take your current position to the next level. Preparing for your next move will form part of your professional development at the University of Westminster and the Career Development is here to help you capitalise your potential.

To help you through your MBA studies, we can offer you the following specialist services:

  • One to one consultations with speacilist career consultants at the Maryleborne Campus. Book your one hour session now by simply sending an e-mail to We will coach you for your future career, can do a mock interview or simply do an in-depth CV check. This will follow up with a free e-guidance service.
  • We also have got customised web pages for MBA students : which will let you upload your CV to QS Top MBA website.
  • Careers Information Room is available at Cavendish House with research and take away material on a range of career paths. Also you can use our online resources, including online resources, including psychometric tests and career matching software. Make the most of these amazing useful resources.
  • We also hold regular employer presentations, career fairs and workshops. These events are open for all students and can booked online in advance.
  • We have additional services available for 3 years after you finish your MBA. These include one to one consultations with generalist consultants. You can have up to 4 per academic year. Simply phone 0207 9115184 or book online.

Moving forward, think about your future career interests, short and long term goals and the new skills you are developing as a result of your MBA studies. You can read on our MBA Careers page . Make a list of your relevant achievements, skills and knowledge from your course work and previous work experiences. Prepare a targeted CV and a covering letter which markets you effectively to the potential employers. Don’t forget you get all the help on-line or through some of our Career Consultants. Simply book an appointment.

Career development centre is here to help you capitalise on your potential.


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