Student years are the brightest  and happiest ones and it is these years that leave the most vivid memories. As the University is situated in the heart of London, one has all the options  to enjoy life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and to live it up.  Thanks to it’s brillant central location students can really enjoy all the aspects of London that this wonderful city has to offer.

Year 2012 will go down in the history of London as one of the most memorable ones thanks to the 30th Olympic games that have been held here.  I feel very privileged to be part of it and happy to attend the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. The 16 Olympic days influenced the life of London immensely in a very positive way. Olympics created a lot of work and volunteering places for citizens not only from London but also people from all over the UK to take part in organizing the Olympics and receive the title of a “Games Maker”. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to work or be a volunteer there. I did not work for Olympics, but I have a friend, who was successfully chosen to be a ticket seller during the Olympics. It was thanks to her that we managed to buy tickets for the London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony. The price was absolutely amazing and quite symbolic – £20.12. First, nobody of course believed it, as usually the tickets cost £600+. Of course this was a life time opportunity and  my friend finally bought two tickets.

The Olympic stadium was filled with friendly atmosphere which lifted the spirits instantly as one entered the stadium.

Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremonies

Our seats were situated at the last row in the stadium . This was not a very good location but given that we have only paid  £20.12 for our  tickets we were not really surprised by this. As we approached our seats, we spotted  an unexpected BBC cameraman with a reporter were  accommodating our two seats.  Very helpful people from the reconciliation office kindly replaced our tickets with the new ones that were much closer to the stage and to the Queen’s place, as we realized afterwards. Actually it was the first row in the first sector of the bottom. And taking into account that the ground sector was almost empty because of the restricted view from this point, we were sitting on the first row!

Closing Ceremony London Olympics 2012

The most impressive moment of the whole Ceremony was when the stadium turned into an enormously big equalizer and started to play with all colors of rainbow to the music with  brilliant visualizing effects for the musicians that were on the stage!

London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony Light Show
London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony amazing light show

The Spice Girls were one of the most anticipated guest at the Ceremony.

Spice Girls on Stage for the London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

The tremendous octopus that appeared out of the track surprised everyone in the whole stadium!

Amazing Octopus at the London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony

We were sitting so close that we couldn’t even take a photo of the whole stadium, when the fireworks started!

Fireworks at London Olympics 2012 Closing ceremony
Fireworks at London Olympics 2012 Closing ceremony

This blog is written by Natalia Skachkova, full-time MBA student 2011/12, scholarship from the University of Westminster.


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