The importance of being engaged

Many people ask me how come that I decided to do my MBA at Westminster Business School. I actually did it based on two criteria – I wanted AMBA accreditation and central London location. AMBA search engine provided me with the answer – Westminster Business School. Later on, couple of people I knew confirmed that WBS AMBA programme was good, but after AMBA accreditation, I didn’t really need any additional reassurances.

So it is quite a funny coincidence, that just seven months into my MBA, my MBA course leaders appointed me to become WBS Global Ambassador within AMBA. When I told AMBA people my little story how I actually found my MBA through them, needless to say, they were pleased to hear that AMBA accreditation is so recognised among potential MBA students.

We, as AMBA Global AMBAssadors, work on promoting the value of accredited MBA education. AMBA believes that Global AMBAssadors are the future of MBA leadership, representing all regions of the world and the pinnacle of business education internationally.

We help build the bridge between AMBA and our respective business schools, often serving as facilitators for different joint activities. When needed, we are a helping hand for our schools within AMBA, but at the same time, the helping hand for AMBA within our schools.

Currently there are 20 Global AMBAssadors in the programme, coming from different business schools all over the world. We all attended Inaugural Global Leadership Conference at Ashridge Business School in February 2012 and will be meeting again in South Africa next year. We work on different projects AMBA set for us as a part of Global AMBAssador programme strategy.

If you are a full time student, like I was, you may find it challenging at times to juggle your studies and extracurricular activities, but my personal belief is that is very important to be engaged. Today it is no longer enough to just be good at what you do. Irrespective of the profession you are in, the community wants well-rounded people who are engaged and who contribute.

When you put your heart into doing something you actually don’t need to do, you show that you care and that you strive to make things better. It shows that you are interested in the development of your community and that you act beyond your personal agenda. It shows you have ideals you are willing to put your time and efforts into.

If there is one thing students can do to make a difference is to be engaged. It doesn’t matter if it’s a part time job at the Uni, the Global Ambassador role, your contribution to MBA blog, or helping out at university event.

As long as it is a purpose bigger than yourself – it will be enough.

If you want to learn more about Global AMBAssador programme, please follow this link 

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