AMBA Gala Dinner – A night to Remember

One of the perks of being AMBA Global Ambassador is attending different interesting events. Last week, for example, we had AMBA’s Gala Dinner at exclusive Grand Connaught Room venue in Covent Garden, where among other things we celebrated 45 years of AMBA’s existence. It was wonderful to be reminded about the history of such a remarkable organisation, which is so active and does so much for the promotion of business schools and MBA.

Ben with our Dean

I have been impressed by the number of activities they organise, and these are activities and events not only in the UK, but across Europe, which is remarkable, especially when you realise that they are not really a big team. The quality of events is always high and speakers are always interesting and just the perfect match for the topic at hand.

With Ben
With Ben

The keynote speaker for this Gala Dinner was Kriss Akabusi, a former sprint and hurdling athlete, who won the gold medal in the 400 metres hurdles at the 1990 European Championships, gold in the 4 x 400 metres relay at the 1991 World Championships, and a silver medal in the 4 x 400 m relay at the 1984 Olympic Games. After his sports career, Kriss was working in TV and entertainment and now he is the CEO of The Akabusi Company, a corporate communications and training company. He is also the founder and chairperson of The Akabusi Charitable Trust. Kriss has just started with his MBA at Ashridge Business School and it was interesting to see his take on business, education and success. I have always believed that sport is a great area where you can take many lessons and apply them to business success and success in general. I was not disappointed when I saw Kriss making the same comparisons. Good preparation, endurance, mental strength and PERSISTANCE are key factors for winning in just about anything, not only sports. It was so exciting to see his 1984 Olympics Gold medal winning clip, where he came from the back of the athletics track to the front within seconds, bet the fastest runner and ran into the finish line first.

With Kriss Akabusi

This evening was also very special, because a colleague from my cohort, Ben Caradang from Philippines, was one of the finalists for Student of the Year award. Our friend Henri was also there, together with Sue and Simon, and our dean, Dr Barbara Allan. It was a big night for Westminster and our school was mentioned many times throughout the evening. With so many people coming and representing business schools from all over the world, I believe we from WBS, as London-based hosts, helped AMBA team deliver one of their key events for 2012.

Henri with award finalist Ramona

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