Westminster Business School  had the honour of hosting the Entrepreneurship event  in its Marylebone Campus organised by AMBA this evening. This event, specially designed for all the MBAs interested in growing successful business, entrepreneurship or innovation, came from a select, privileged panel of speakers.

This panel of experienced entrepreneurs and investors formed by,  Jonathan Moules,  Jayesh Mistry, Tom Billings and Daniel Callaghan  shared their experiences and gave their advise to all the MBAs who are aiming to reach and step further in their careers.

The topic which was discussed has been approached from different perspectives. Following the order of oratory of the panel members:
Jayesh Mistry, entrepreneur and specialist in investment and strategic advisory has addressed the issue from the perspective of the entrepreneur who should not never forget the importance of the global impact of their ideas, who must enjoy the game, not being scared and keeping a wide range of friends by their side who might give them advise from different backgrounds and points of view. I will quote some of the greatest inspirational advice by Jayesh Mistry  “What you meet is destiny, how you meet it is self-effort” closing his performance with a great injection of positivism ” think big, think fast. Ideas are no one´s monopoly”.

Tom Billings who spent 6 years in Shangai  as a managing director (Asia) of US multinational Tex Tech Industries before founding his own investment consultancy, advising Chinese businesses and HNWIs on outbound investment, has shared the key drivers to understand why investors reject projects and what they are looking for when invest their money on them. “Business angels” (as Tom Billings refers to investors) do not spend more than 30 minutes in making their first decision. He has shared some clues  to success for our project presentation and keep the long term relationship between entrepreneurs and investor in the best way possible to make it more productive.

Daniell Callagham, specialised in entrepreneurship and strategy as well as founder of MBA Company,  shared his own experience and the reasons why he decided to become an entrepreneur. Daniel insisted in the idea of drawing very clear where you want to end up and work out very carefully the route you are going to follow to achieve your goal as well as all the things you have to consider before you start up your own project. “A good idea in the right time is a very good point to start”.

Jonathan Moules who  has been writing about UK business life for the Financial Times since October 2003 and focusing specifically on the issue of entrepreneurship since 2005,  was in charge of presenting the speakers and share a discourse fundamentally based on the affection and respect of the development of his profession and all the experience acquired on his career which forms the basis for his new book, The Rebel Entrepreneur.

The questions could not wait too long to be launched . Doubts, curiosities, worries and dreams have been answered from the perspective of whom has been through the same process that we are dealing right now.

After the  session we had the opportunity of networking to confront opinions and experiences with other students and Alumni from other universities of UK  while we had some refreshing drinks and snacks.



Events like this are a great opportunity for current MBA students and Alumni to learn from real people’s experiences. You may get a new perspective about how the world works and all the possibilities you might develop without the need of being tied to a preestablished work environment. We can develop our skills and get the best out of our relevant advantages making of our passions and strenghts our way of living.

I am pretty sure that this is one of the best ways of developing our profesional and personal aspirations and find the right balance among them.
I encourage all my collegues to join these events because they are an exceptional experience to become in MBAs instead of simply gaining a diploma. Experience is life and we should feel lucky to be able to participate in an engaging  atmosphere. It is nice to see how there are real people behind all these incredible successes.


  • Yse! That was a great event. I could speak with panelists on my personal interrests after the session. The conversation inspired me in many ways.

    And kind alumnai gives us many advices how to cope with these busy days.

    Just doing MBA course is enough hard, but as you say, these experience will definitely help our vision be widened!

  • Hi Irene!
    Thanks for sharing your experience! very much inspiring for people like me that aims to get there someday!
    Great to see that the event gave a great positive overview for alumni doing MBA’s
    All the best

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