I would not like to start this week without telling you all about The MBA Tuesday Club, over all, because it started last Tuesday and I do not want you to miss the next events! It is a great initiative for the MBA alumni which takes place on the first Tuesday of each month at Westminster Business School at  Regent Street Campus.

The MBA Tuesday Club has opened last Tuesday by Dan Sandhu, Director and Co-Founder of disruptive social media platform ‘Job in a second’, talked about “From Start Ups to Corporates… Entrepreneurs in a Rapidly Changing World”.  Dan Sandhu shared his experiences working as a part of many different international teams around several locations all over the world. During these experiences he explained how he adapted from a classic organisation pattern(as it has been known up until now) to this changing world with evolving new technologies, new systems of communication and unsteady markets. He has given the flavour about what entrepreneurship is about and all the dynamics operating in the organizational environment as well as the MBA and its forms as a part of this ecosystem.

After this interesting talk we were invited to have some refreshments and snacks to enthusiastically continue debating the topic with energy among all those present.

During these Tuesdays,  MBA alumni has the opportunity of participating in different events that can go from distinguished guest speakers to social gatherings. It is a unique opportunity to catch up with fellow MBA alumni, University staff and current MBA students. For all those who are new, as me, in the MBA journey is especially important to attend to this conferences because, you start approaching a new perspective of the actual market environment and it is very useful to create your new mind set as an executive as well as it is always a very current and good topic of conversation in any of those events.

I hope seeing  you in the next MBA Tuesday Club on Tuesday 13rd November where we will meet Daniele Orner who will talk about  “Digital Intelligence: on the online data market, where it is going and how i involves you”.  Daniele is a tech entrepreneur and data expert who is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Psidentity, which is developing a technology capable of determining the personality profile of individuals and groups based on their online behaviour.


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