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Yesterday  some MBA students at Westminster Business School had the opportunity to attend  the Media Training workshop as part of our program of Personal and Professional Development.

Led by Jane Wilton and Janet Cohen two expert professionals of the media (founder and part of the team of Communication Matters respectively) and the cameraman and colleague Steve Webb run the session giving an overview of basic concepts in the world of communication which went from the perceptions of the participants to a clear roadmap on to how to fulfill our commitment to the media.

Learning to understand the journalists and their needs will make us understand that we should be potential partners that will help each other to get our messages through the media and to give them the information they need to carry out their jobs. Both of us, well as current or potential middle managers of a corporation or as journalists, hope to meet the expectations of our organizations respectively.

The workshop revolved around the word preparation. No doubt that the more will prepare our media exposure the better the outcome of it. Since there will not always be the opportunity of being entirely prepared due to the circumstances we received some very useful tips to control the factors that influence the communication process and how we are perceived by those who are watching or listening to us.



Some of our colleagues experienced the preasure of being exposed to the media and we analyzed the different aspects we had seen during the day through observation. The control over the content, breath, energy, body language and know how to adapt the message to the medium and the audience using some simple frameworks will form the key to the success of our media apparitions.

It seems easy but… are you ready to talk while you are being recorded?


Images provided by  Menal Alsadham



  • It is always a pleasure reading you! Nice job, as usual! We want you back when you finish your studies in London and reach the next level. Do not stop writing!
    Best Wishes

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