Westminster Business School will have the honour of holding an “Introduction of Chado~The way of tea~ 茶道 on 3 April, 2013 at Marylebone Campus. The Urasenke Chado Tea Tradition in collaboration with Westminster Business School will present the different approaches of the eastern philosophy in terms of Japanese business manners and the art form.


This event has been specially designed for  fundraising for Busogatrust, a charity providing water, sanitation and hygiene in Uganda. These are the things I enjoy the most about London. Suddenly Japan, Uganda and UK are directly related. Would you like to know what the connection between these countries is?

Chika Shiomi (one of our MBA full time colleagues from Japan) and other MBA students at WBS will be travelling to Uganda under the module Social Entrepreneurship  in April to work with Busogatrust in two different projects: a micro-finance sanitation project in the Bugembe slums and a feasibility study of developing different business models “San as a Biz” in urban areas of opportunity.

The way of tea

The Japanese tea ceremony (Chado, The Way of Tea) involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha (a finely milled or fine powder green tea). Through a meticulous attention to every detail of preparing and drinking tea, the participants of this ceremony will be able to enter into a shared intimate experience of tea.

Chado is an experience in itself, plenty of different elements which go from the way of treating guests, hosting them, and involve them in the atmosphere of this Japanese art to the utilities assembled to its practice such as bowl, spoon, flowers, incense and tea. The Way of Tea appeals to our six senses having a strong connection to meditation and reaching this ideal state through tasting traditional sweets and tea, smelling incense case, observing the manners of the ancient ritual, touching the specialized utilities as well as listening to water sounds and bird singing.

Fortunately I had the chance of experiencing Chado with Chika Shiomi and it is an amazing opportunity to discover and enjoy a different culture without leaving the country and even the University! The price of the tickets for this event is 20 pounds (only 10 pounds if you are a full time student!) Due to the intention of preserving the quality of the event, capacity is limited, so do not forget to get your tickets!

Introduction of Chado~The way of tea~ 茶道 Details:

Date: Wednesday 3rd April, 2013

Hour: Two different sessions: starting at 16h and 18h

Venue: MG38 (MBA base room) Marylebone Campus. 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS

Price: £20  per person, £10 full time students

Contact: chika.shiomi@my.westminster.ac.uk (to buy the tickets and any other further information)

Do not forget this event is for charity purposes.  If you think you cannot make it maybe you would like to contribute to the fundrising!!

For a few hours our classroom  will give us a break turning into a nice Japanese Tea Room. You cannot miss this great opportunity!


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