Last Saturday The MBA Career day took place at University of Westminster in its Marylebone Campus. Professor Vlatka Hlupic organised this workshop with the idea of giving us the opportunity to start thinking of the next step we are looking forward to taking before we complete our MBA studies.  For that reason  she decided to bring to Westminster Business School three external speakers with expertise in different areas: Don Lesley, James Potter and Lucinda Slater.
What would you like to be when you grew up? We might have been trying to answer this question since we are able to remember. Life is made of choices and we should keep in mind some factors that might influence our future decisions as well as some tips to success in achieving our next goals.

The session started with an overview of the career in management consultancy led by Don Lesley and how to get headhunted. Don Lesley highlighted the importance of being self confident and be able to ring up whoever we want to talk to without any problem and explain to them what we are good at, what we can bring to them or to their companies and how they will benefit from having us on board. We can create opportunities where apparently there is none. Being proactive is fundamental is this new World where individuals are a brand in themselves and our aim should reach that position where we are called for a job instead of having to go through many interviews for positions that may not be the most suitable options neither for us nor the companies we are applying for.

Headhunters can help us to find a better option for either us or the companies.The question is: how can we get to know headhunters? the answer is simple, apart from researching on them we can attend to those events where we can get known by headhunters and even become friends keeping in mind the quality and type of life we want to achieve in order to, when the moment comes, think about if is the right timing in our career to make this movement, is the offer comes from an industry or sector we are interested in and if the amount of money they offer is aligned with the quality of life we want to have.

Don Lesley ended his talk giving us an insight of how the life of a consultant can be in the daily basis remarking the thought that consultancy is not only about thinking but implementing.

Have you already thought about working as a consultant ? If your answer is yes then you will find on Internet a numerous amount of Consultancy firms which are hiring MBA graduates every year. You can clasify them by industry, sector or size of the company. We will have access to all this information on blackboard in the coming few days. Do not miss this opportunity.


Do you know what is going to be the next movement in your career? If yes, do you know how improving your career by an smarter use of Linked-In? James Potter gave us some useful tips to success in our personal branding through LinkedIn. To start with, 92% of the references published on-line are directly trusted by who read them, do not you think is then worth while to take care of your profile?

LinkedIn is a professional social media tool where you should behave and communicate in the same way you would do at work. Joining groups you are interested in, interacting or starting discussions are very good ways of presenting yourself as a professional. Do not hesitate in asking for help to your contacts because basically people feel good helping people.

In LinkedIn you can find people who know about job opportunities and talking directly to them may help you to have a chance but be clever, do not ask for a job, just share your idea of moving to a new sector you are interested in and ask that person for some spare time to have a chat. Do not forget being you (people is going to get you to know sooner or later) use the right words to define yourself on your profile keeping in mind key words that will make you appear on the research others do.

Do not forget to upload a professional picture of you. That means that holding pints in the pub as well as wearing swimming suits are not allowed! Just look for a picture that says something about you and that causes a good first impression being as closer as you are when you are in a work environment.

Ready to check if your LinkedIn profile is a 10/10? You can do it clicking in here! Check my profile Take 3 minutes to find out!!

Image is important and here comes another question: do you know what your appearance communicates about you? Lucinda Slater was in charge of making us realize how to communicate our brillance. Lucinda started her talk with a reflection I would like to bring here today: “you never forget how people make you feel”. Do you know how others perceive you? We did a very interesting exercise to discover what we are actually communicating and the only way available to know the answer is being absent when others talk about us.

The exercise consisted in writing down three qualities you would like to convey as part as your personal brand and how you want people to feel about you. After that we switched the papers with the colleague we had closer and then they had to write down the first impression they had about you. I can ensure you the importance of being conscious in what you communicate and how you do it.

Communication is beyond words and Lucinda gave us some tips about personal image and dressing in the way we want to be perceived, looking at the audience, environment and circumstances but without forgetting being ourselves. Attention to detail under any situation.Vlatka_hlupic

Professor Vlatka Hlupic closed the session with a wonderful reflection to help us to answer what we want to do in life and the need of putting passion in what we want to achieve in order to make it real. As homework I would like to propose you to make a cup of tea or coffee, create a nice atmosphere, relax and think about what makes you feel good, how you make other people feel and what would make you waking up in the mornings wearing a big smile and tones of energy.

All the best to all of you with your next choices!


Photographs provided by Menal Alsadhan


  • Dear Irene,

    thank you for this post and sharing this useful information. I like the idea of individual as a brand, though one might get lost in the concept and its possibilities. How can we build a nice, creative, attractive and real personal brand?

    I’ll make a cup of tea, sink in the sensations I enjoy, in what I want and can offer, and try to give it a shape. No that it seems easy, but at least, now I know how!

    Thank you very much, and please, keep sharing this precious tips!

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