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As a Global Ambassador for WBS, together with AMBA team, I have organised a webinar on valuing diversity. Our MBA senior lecturer, Kieran Williams, will be holding the webinar. In a competitive economy of today, finding talent from various sources and diversity has never been as important. It would be great if you could join us on Thursday.


More details about the webinar:


A quick look at some of the approaches to equalities and diversity and their integration into business planning. As an example of the importance of valuing diversity, we will look more closely at the complexities of cross-cultural teams and the benefits that they may bring to your organisation. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions from webinar participants, who will hopefully go away with some practical suggestions for adding value to their organisations.



Kieran Williams ran a successful training consultancy for over twenty years, specialising in strategic planning, change management and leadership development. She now teaches postgraduate students at Westminster Business School, where she is a key member of the MBA team. Her work on diversity and organisational culture, together with her experience as a flight instructor led to her current research into female airline pilots. Kieran’s approach to her MBA students and alumni is always described as empowering – she does not see her role as delivering knowledge but rather as encouraging curiosity and enabling learning.

To register for the webinar, please visit the following link

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