On the 8th of June until the 13th of June the second half of the MBA students visited some of Brazil’s top companies within the aspects of the International MBA trip that is held annually. The previous cohort visited China. The particular study trip usually consists of visiting two major companies per day from various industries such as energy, transportation, advertising, banking etc. At the same time there are few cultural events so as the students to have a holistic experience of the country and its economy.

Overall the schedule was quite tight since students must have had their breakfast finished by 8.00 am daily so as to set off for the visits where they actively participated into guided tours, presentations and debates. The day would usually finish after 12hrs with plenty of information and experiences gathered. The purpose of the trip is to enhance the knowledge and perception of the MBA (full and part time) students in recent global market developments and bring them in contact with some of the most important companies from various fields. At the same time it enhances the international awareness and brand name of Westminster Business School.

It is one of the most valued experience of the MBA students and considerably enhances the added value of the Westminster Business School studies as recorded by their own testimonials.

Hisham Al Radhi: ‘’ The international study trip to the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro was an incredible experience that certainly lived up to the expectation on a number of levels. The program was very well organized and could not be have been better balanced in terms of ensuring the primary aim of the trip was achieved in terms of the academic visits as well as the cultural ones whilst having lots of fun along the way! Most presentations given by the number of companies visited were useful and covered lots of information about business aspects in Brazil. At the same time we heavily networked and spent valuable time getting to understand how business are managed and internationalised. The people were extremely warm and welcoming and made us feel very much at home.’’

Irene Salto Menendez: ‘’The trip to China was one of the most important experiences in my entire life. The choice of going there was based on the simple thought of “If I do not take this opportunity I do not think I will go over there under any circumstances”. There are not words to explain what is happening in the South West of China right now. Could you imagine a world, professionally speaking, without barriers to do whatever you would like to? Could you imagine how it is to be valued for your skills and your knowledge?

Westminster Business School MBA trip to China   The economy in China has grown up and there is an entire market waiting for its “needs” to be covered. They do have the money, the resources, some of the skills but the lack of “know how” it is just what becomes you in the cornerstone allowing you to live an amazing experience in a country which, furthermore, it is amazing. 5000 years of culture and traditions may fill your life in an unexpected way. DSC06146

During the trip we had the opportunity to visit a wide range of International companies in different sectors and that gave me an invaluable insight about how things are working there at the moment and all the possibilities that might arise from those.


For a generation like mine that have assumed for a long period of time that we were always late for every epic opportunity the industry was offering, a new world has just opened in front of my eyes.


Today the South West of China is a place where everything is still to be developed and there is room for everyone. Your vision, your experience, your way of thinking, is important for a country which an emerging economy. I am not speaking only from a business standpoint but like every developing country many problems arise from the massive fervent growth leading to a wide range of opportunities related to sustainable development issues and projects’ feasibility.’’ DSC06052

The academics that accompanied students were Sure Balint (director of the MBA and organiser of the trip), Felicity Hardley and Ioannis Christodoulou that facilitate all the processes. Here are some examples from the visits of the Rio trip: Will Brazil remain the country of the future? Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Advogados (associated with Baker & McKenzie) Brazilian companies in the era of globality Nova DFL (Brazilian dental pharma company) Brazil’s oil boom: filling up the future? Petrobras (oil drilling & processing) Transportation: opportunities & challenges brought by mega events bus full day Fetranspor (Federation of passenger transport companies) Marketing & advertising industry in Brazil DM9 DDB

Foreign investor’s perspective: why we invested in Brazil?

Thursday June 13, 2013 day six Media & marketing :

The role of media in defining consumer behaviour dress code: business casual TV Globo (leading Brazilian media group)

Saturday June 8, 2013 day one arrive Rio de Janeiro And the Cultural events:

Rio’s top attractions bus/train/cable car/walk : 1) Atlantic Rain Forest of Tijuca, Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain; Southern districts of Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana and of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas , Sugar Loaf

2) Social responsibility experience: favela tour and local projects (sports, culture, NGO) work inside the community  on Monday June 10, 2013 day three.

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