Doing an MBA is a big decision! It is a significant financial investment in the future and leaving the job to go back to full-time studying is a risk with a lot of personal sacrifices.

Whether this is the right decision is certainly a question that every future MBA is asking himself followed by a pro and con list, Excel file calculations tracking living expenses, tuition fees, IELTS test and the GMAT exam.

The 2013 Westminster Full-time MBA students came all to the same conclusion: Yes, it is the right decision and it should be Westminster Business School in London.


And this is how all of us started our journey coming from all over the world. Some of us had to go through lengthy Visa application and relocate their entire family with young kids to London. Others planned the MBA long time in advance with their partners who also decided to study in London at the same time.

In the second week of September we all headed to London for our semester start, coming from the USA, Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and Israel.

– How will it be? Are the class mates going to be nice?, was doubtless a factor of nervousness before the start. And then on September 12th finally we had our enrolment and met the cohort.

Quickly we got to know each other over lunch and tea, teachers dropped in and introduced themselves to the class. So many new names and faces – and the sensation of embarking to something great: new friends for life and new opportunities.

During the induction week, we discovered where everything was: the cafeteria, library, class room, Postgraduate lounge, MBA student office. We settled in! We learned about the course structure, subjects, study trips, work experience, mentorship programmes, career consultancy, exams periods, papers and dissertation and started with our MBA campus weekends where we brushed up on all the tools we need to sail safely through the forthcoming year: time management, team work training, academic writing and study skills.

And there we were, exited, with anticipation, motivated and READY TO GO!


This blog post is written by Cristina Schoenborn  our Westminster Business School  MBA student blogger

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