Since the middle of September,  we have been MBA students at Westminster Business School. This may sound like a very short period of time but we have learnt a great deal.

Statistics, finance, leading and managing people, marketing, economics and operations management were some of the main subjects we have been introduced to.

Statistics has always been a subject feared by most students! We soon realised statistics has a world of its own. Of course this has not stopped us. After several sessions of group work it slowly started to click and we were able to analyse business data, build forecasting models and make the right decision based on statistical findings.

We also had a lot of fun during our group learning sessions. We all got together in our class room and hooked one of our PCs to the overhead projector and started sharing our knowledge. This brought us together in a great way to exchange our knowledge.

Finally, it all came together!


Standard error or population mean?
Standard error or population mean?

In finance we worked on our first executive investment summary. We analysed Fortune 500 accounts and made recommendations on how many shares to buy from which company and predicted possible returns of our investments within the first years.

Hedge funds, foreign exchange market, development economics, net present values and discounted cash flows were only some of the topics we have covered.

The right accessory for accounting: a pink calculator!
The right accessory for accounting: a pink calculator!


Leading and managing people class became famous for its heated discussions. As we have students from a variety of industry backgrounds our opinions on how to lead and manage people were rather different. We all have different experiences and corporate cultures ranging from creative agency, military or the public sector. This variety of course makes our MBA experience very rich. How to make an impact on working life and dealing with status quo were some of the topics we have discussed.

In marketing we are acting as product/marketing/operations managers for a fortune 500 company and introducing a brand new product into one of the BRIC countries. This enables us to learn about local employment law, industry associations and market segmentation.

This may sound like a lot of work and definitely keeps us busy for seven days a week but at the same time it is so much fun and very rewarding. One man’s strength is another man’s weakness and together we can overcome all challenges!

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