Westminster Business School MBA alumna, Lena Benjamin, is passionate about using her skills to help women rise to the top in business.

Lena, 38, graduated in 2010 and is Managing Director of Ones Company Ltd, a specialist consultancy in London.

It was after her MBA studies that Lena met Crystal Wu through LinkedIn, who shared her desire to help business women.

Since then, the pair have worked together to launch the London Professional Chapter of MBA Women International, an American not-for-profit organisation focused on professional development, educational opportunities and networking for women in business.

With around 5,000 members, the organization already has more than 70 collegiate chapters in schools and 20 professional chapters in American cities. The London chapter will be the first outside the US and Lena and Crystal are currently working together to form a launch team.

The aim is that chapters in individual business schools will be joined by women coming to the end of their MBA programmes, leading eventually to a London-wide professional chapter run by volunteers. At that stage members will have access to a wide variety of businesses and organisations.

Lena, who has worked in traditionally male dominated industries, such as engineering, hopes the chapter will encourage and empower women to get to board level.

“My purpose has always been to advance women and girls in their careers and business because that is my passion,” she says. “Working together collaboratively women can achieve anything.”

Lena is also using her entrepreneurial skills to help further her aim.

“I have set up my own business running events for the personal and professional development of women,” she says. “We need women to be developed at the right stage so there’s a steady flow up of talent to board level. We can’t sustain successful business without advancing women.”

Of her MBA studies at Westminster Business School, Lena says she enjoyed being challenged and being made to “think outside the box”.

“I learnt a lot about human behaviour and managing people,” she says, “and the MBA has helped to develop my strategic capabilities. It has strengthened my character and my resilience.”


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