The last week of the term finished with a succession of deadlines, presentations, weekend seminars and exams. For the first time in a month we had the chance to take a deep breath and think about our well-deserved Christmas break.

Last month, we went on a two day leadership seminar in the countryside in Hertfordshire. We had to solve tasks and come up with a product in small groups. At the last day of our residential, each group pitched their products to a jury. The leadership seminar was a good experience and gave us the chance to bond over lunches and dinners even more with our colleagues.


Some objects we constructed at the residential
Some objects we constructed at the residential


We were also very busy working in our groups on our marketing project. We had to launch a new product for a global corporation in Brazil. We looked at Brazil’s barriers to entry, economic and political factors. We segment the market and created customer profiles. The groups also designed a customer focused value chain considering implications on supply chain and operations. Lastly, we presented the products to our marketing, operations and economics professors. All groups did very well and it was a pleasure for the whole class to see the other groups presenting their products.
We studied diligently day-in and day-out and had to put our private lives on hold. We had a big marketing, economics and operations exam during the last week of term and handed in on average two papers a week. Some of the lucky ones amongst us had partners at home who would keep the household going during this busy period. For others the late night corner shop was the only groceries supply and discovering Tesco online shopping was a life saver.

Festive season would not be complete without  iceskating in London so  we went ice skating after our last exam at the National History Museum’s ice rink. Our colleagues from the Nordic countries, where ice skating is part of every child’s upbringing had a clear advantage. We all managed to skate without major incidents and of course congratulations to those of us who ice skated for the very first time. Some of us left with a couple of bruises but we all had lots of fun and an amazing time.


A well deserved drink after the ice skating
A well deserved drink after the ice skating


The majority of our cohort travelled back to their home countries to celebrate Christmas with their friends and families. Others decided to take advantage of being in Europe and went to visit nearby places such as Paris or Berlin.

Overall we sincerely hope you had a lovely time over Christmas and wishing you a  Happy New Year! We are ready for more challenges ahead.

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