What is the strangest thing you have ever done while studying?

Holding hands with my colleagues silently in order to bond as a group while people on the street were looking at us through the window ..

What is the worst job you have ever had?

Wearing  an Ali Baba costume with two of my girlfriends and promoting new oriental crisps in German cinemas. We were living in Berlin at the time and agreed to do this job in Hamburg to reduce the likelihood to bump into someone we knew. Nonetheless we had a great time and watched a lot of free movies 😉

How do you deal with pressure?

I do sports 🙂 When I run 10k I definitely don’t think about work! Or I do yoga which always reminds me of India and I immediately start day dreaming of morning sun salutations in a yoga retreat with view of the Himalaya. One day I will go to an Ashram!

What is the last book you read?

Good questions… to be honest, I lately only read books related to my studies. Other than this, I like Heinrich Heine, Jose Saramago, Hemingway, Julio Cortazar, Mario Vargas Llosa and John Coetzee.

What academic achievement are you most proud of to date?

My first master’s degree in languages and a HNC in Business Management I did part-time. I am especially proud of mastering my finance, accounting and statistics exams, especially as I had never studied these subjects before.

Which classes have you found most useful?

All our classes are very useful as they simulate real work situations. Part of our consultancy assignment is to consult a company about a real business issue they have and in finance we had to analyse company’s account and write an investor’s report. In financial strategy we analysed movements on the London stock exchange market.

What would you do if you were dean of a business school for the day?

Get everyone together and organise a fun day out in London with cake and afternoon tea being an essential part! Or sign off the budget for an additional study trip to the Caribbean 😉

What is your favourite business book?

I have a multicultural background and was always interested in different cultures. I found a lot of similarities between national and corporate culture and my favourite book was “Organisational culture and leadership” from Edgar Schein.

What are your future plans?

I would like to work for an international company and use the skills I have learned during my MBA. I would like to contribute as much value as I can to my future employer and work for a company where I can grow, learn and take on responsibility. I am also open to live and work abroad.

What did you enjoy most about your last job?

In my last job I worked as a Business Development Manager and I was responsible for the sales activities in the DACH region. I enjoyed building new relationships with clients, plan marketing activities, negotiate contracts, put SLAs in place and of course, I very much enjoyed the running club my colleagues and I founded and our lunch time runs.

What is your favourite memory of school?

About school, I remember fun skiing trips, student exchange programmes to Scotland and Sweden and the athletic training programme. My A-level electives were Biology and German. I found natural sciences such as chemistry and physics very interesting but at the same time I also enjoyed art and sports.
Who are your business influences?
The Austrian school of economists for creating the concept of economic humanism which lead to the social market economy with focus on the human rather than financial gains. Or Christian Felber ‘s vision of the future where all companies follow the economy of common good and focus on values such as human dignity, solidarity and sustainability as at the end, a happier employer will produce more output.

What inspires you?

Great leaders who inspire others to strive for more and be a better person like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther. I am inspired by energy and creativity, poetry, art, the sound of a foreign language, different cultures, travelling, my friends and family.


Cristina Schoenborn : Cristina is a MBA student at Westminster Business School graduating in September 2014. Before starting her MBA, Cristina worked nearly 10 years in the translation industry. She has a master’s degree in Spanish, Portuguese and German translation. After the MBA, Cristina would like to use her cross cultural and language skills to influence positively global and international business relationships.

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