Since 2010, the social entrepreneurship module of the MBA at Westminster Business School in London has given students experience in Uganda and India through partnerships with enterprises such as Arpan, an Indian charity fighting child sexual abuse. This year a new group of Westminster Business School MBA students will travel to Uganda  to add value to Busoga trust and make a positive and productive impact to the Jinja community.

“This challenges the way students think about what a profitable business strategy should be and shows them how to create even partial solutions to the world’s issues,” says Simon Healeas, deputy director of MBA programmes at Westminster.

Westminster Business School Social Entrepreneurship

One of the MBA students, Nermine Hassan, who has been part of the Social Entrepreneurship Module from last year explains her experience:

Sometimes, it felt as though I had travelled back in time, and the only proof that we were still in the 21st century was my iPhone, which transformed into a gadget from outer space overnight. However, there are no words to describe how it feels to hear loads of barefooted children – that are made to look hopelessly miserable in the media – literally explode with laughter just by greeting them in their language or showing them pictures and videos of themselves. Ideally, every ambitious MBA student or volunteer travels with dreams and hopes of changing the world or at least finding sustainable cost-effective solutions to better whole communities. Although I am a dreamer and an optimist, I’ve come to realise that time and resources will always limit project outcomes; but to be able to make even the smallest difference to a community deprived of the most basic need – and right – is priceless.

When choosing the right programme, there are many criteria to be considered, but for some students it is as straight forward as finding that one module that makes a difference. The Social Entreprenership module is one of them. We have asked one of our students why Westminster Business School.




Why Westminster Business School?

With a background in Social development I was searching for an MBA programme that will expose me to business models and practices suitable for social development businesses. The Social Entrepreneurship module was of particular interest to me as it was the only module that offered practical hands on experience where we moved out of the classroom and into a ‘real’ community with ‘real’ needs.

Nothing in a classroom could have adequately prepared us to deal with the complexity and uncertainty that we faced. We had to be flexible to adapt quickly in order to make the best of a challenging situation and to leave a lasting positive impact in the community.

As a young woman I left Uganda feeling empowered from my interaction with the Jajjas who in spite of their living conditions were always smiling. In my opinion they are very Strong, Resilient and Resourceful women!!! Says Dimsoy Cruickshank.


Westminster Business School MBA programme: As an MBA student you will benefit from learning that is rooted in the real world, from the opportunities to network and build relationships with industry leaders and mentors, and from the knowledge and professional experience of our internationally recognised academic staff.  Learn more about the programme here, read our MBA blog which is written by our students and finally watch our MBA video to learn more about the Westminster MBA.

You can find out more about the journey of 2014 MBA cohort who is about to travel to Uganda right here.





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