Westminster Business School MBA graduate Peter Clarke went to Africa for the first time with the MBA Social Entrepreneurship module in September 2012.

According to Peter, the Social Entrepreneurship module consists of three elements.

Researching Academic Models

The first academic part consists of researching academic models and case studies from projects that have worked elsewhere in the developing world. These are combined with the collection of country specific information in order to analyse the situation using models such as – 4Ps, SWOT and PESTEL – to form a sound foundation for the business recommendations students will subsequently make to the charity.

Practical Experience

This theoretical part is then followed by the practical experience students have in Uganda. During their work in the field, MBA students have the opportunity to qualify and substantiate their recommendations and ideas. The students are able to apply the theory in practice and bring their own work experience to the table, whilst gaining a unique life experience.

Finalising the business report

The third element consists of finalising a business report for the charity and retrospectively assessing their experience in the country.

Uganda was such a remarkable experience for Peter that he decided to go back to do what he does best: Bringing people together and building partnerships.

Working in Africa and bringing new skills and experience to the people who need them most, is the best you can do. Soon after Peter founded the social enterprise WE2 that he describes as a vehicle that gives people the opportunity to bring the best in themselves to make the world a better place: “It’s two weeks in the real world of Africa, not sitting by the pool in a fancy hotel but doing something constructive and valuable – exchanging your experience for the real life experience of Africa”

Optimized-Photo Peter (1024x768)
Children in Uganda: “Send more books and toys”

He encourages everyone who would like to bring their skills to African communities – students, business professionals, consultants, retirees – to sign up for a two week project working for a charity in Uganda to make a difference to the developing world.

WE2 is a not for profit social enterprise based in the UK and currently delivering projects in Uganda. Peter hopes to expand his reach to other countries over time.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you are an academic institution that would like include similar programs in your courses, please visit www.we-2.org.

Thank you, Peter Clarke, for your time and interview.


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