On the 27th of June, University of Westminster partnered with TEDx to deliver one of the most exciting events on Democracy and Representation. University of Westminster life-streamed all day TEDx talks and ran master classes on leadership, mindfulness and workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, digital identity and professional confidence.

With more than 2000 people registered for the event, the first master class about Embodied Leadership by Katalin Illes was a great success. Katalin talked about using mindfulness and resilience techniques to reduce stress and maximise performance. With the quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Katalin encouraged her audience to consider new approaches. “If we change our minds, different behaviours follow” and we can use embodied leadership – connecting our head, heart and core – to achieve change and develop as leaders.


In the afternoon Dr. Ioannis Christodoulou held a master class in strategy starting with the question: What is strategy? Ioannis further discussed how resources can be used to create competitive advantage in a world of uncertainty. He revealed how key strategic elements of “why”, “when” and “how” to do business can determine a company’s success. He then looked at the strategy of great leaders and analysed the strength of Steve Jobs, Jack Welch and Henry Ford.

Going back to his Greek roots, Ioannis answered this question transferring Aristotle’s modes of persuasion to leadership. In order to be a great leader, we need to have ethos, pathos and logos in our lives. We should act on our values, do what we love and use our knowledge.
Inspired by these words, participants had much more to explore at Westminster Business School: Various stands including careers, eye tracking, student union and networking events. It was a great day and you can find here some more pictures.

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