Westminster Business School MBA alumna Laura Moreno is originally from Colombia and came to the UK over 14 years ago to learn English and decided to stay in London for her undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

After her bachelor, Laura started working in the media industry in London. Starting off as an Office manager for Comcast International Media Group, she was promoted three times in six years to Business Manager, Senior Business Operations Manager, and Associate Director Business Operations.

She climbed up the career ladder very quickly and moved from an operational to a strategic business development role which Laura enjoyed very much – nonetheless it was always in the back of her mind to do an MBA.

After a couple of years the opportunity came along: In 2010 Comcast International Media Group decided to support Laura in her decision to do an MBA. Being now able to work less than 60 hours a week, Laura truly enjoyed the Westminster Business School Executive MBA: “I knew that doing an MBA would give me a different status at work and professionally it would put me on a different level.”

Laura also thinks that nowadays a MBA is a minimum requirement in order to go into a strategic upper management position. She had a fantastic experience at Westminster Business School and adds: “I very much enjoyed to discuss and access other industries as well as the different subjects covered in the MBA. The class discussions were probably the most amazing part of it all. Learning from others, who were doing things completely differently, was just great.”

One of the biggest highlights of the MBA was the International Study Trip and Laura remarks: Being in China and looking at how business is done and how things operate, was a fantastic experience. The fact that you are in a complete different setting changes your perspective and widens your horizon.”

During the MBA, Laura did not only make friends for life. She is now able to assess a business from various angles and the MBA enabled her to connect practice with theory. She affirms: “The MBA has given me the professional and educational knowledge to back up business decisions and the reassurance on how business should be conducted.”

Laura graduated with a distinction from Westminster Business School in 2012 and the MBA was pivotal for her long term career progression. She is now Associate Director at NBCUniversal and there is still so much more to come.



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