Westminster Business School MBA alumnus, Alex Vincenti, is originally from Italy. Alex worked for about 15 years as a broadcaster before he started as the first Commercial Development Manager at the BBC World Service. Alex met the former Westminster MBA course director Neil Botten at the BBC. Commissioned by the BBC, Westminster Business School was running a mini MBA for selected BBC employees. Alex was one of them and he was absolutely fascinated! This is how his MBA journey started. In order to improve what Alex could deliver to the BBC World Service, the BBC sponsored him to study the Westminster Business School Executive MBA in 1993.

Alex published books and newsletters and helped departments to generate revenue from programme output, but needed the MBA to develop his business management skills.

After the MBA, Alex’s role and responsibilities at the BBC World Service changed and he took charge of the BBC World Service Trust ‘Media in the UK’ programme, initially intended for journalists and media specialists from the Former Soviet Union and then extended to Croatia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Albania. Alex says that his MBA was absolutely crucial for this role at the BBC: “It was the whole attitude in terms of organising and managing projects and human and financial resources, both locally and remotely, and liaising and dealing with outside organisations.”

Alex left the BBC to run his own businesses, Software Publishing Limited, providing CRM and accounting solutions to SMEs, and the MBA gave Alex a blueprint on what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected: “The MBA gave me not only the know-how and the technical skills to run my own business, but also understand and provide concrete and wider support to my clients’ businesses.”

Throughout his further careers as an entrepreneur and business owner, Alex pursued his goal to support small and medium enterprises. He is now founding partner of MainLedger LLP an accountancy firm providing accounting solutions and business development to small businesses.

Alex is pleased with what he has done and looking back he says: “I would not change anything! The MBA has given me the eagle view of what can be done and the tools to do what I have done so far.”


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