Charlie worked as an independent contractor in the project management area for over 12 years. He is specialised in business transformation and change.

Charlie climbed his way up the corporate ladder in impressive Fortune 500 companies such as Lloyds and Shell, but with his first degree in social studies he always felt there was a glass ceiling that hold him back from the next step.

With the advice from friends and colleagues, he decided to study the Westminster Business School Executive MBA in 2009. Doing an MBA and working at the same time in a very demanding role, was probably the hardest thing Charlie has done so far, but at the same time it was also very rewarding.

The MBA showed Charlie how he could utilise the vast array of his work experience and it made him realise that his opinion mattered. The MBA also gave him the ability to think strategically; and that was probably the most valuable skill of them all.

To the question what he would advise other prospective MBA students, he replies “don’t expect the MBA to give you the keys to the executive boardroom or to get into that special “club”. It doesn’t work that way … but it will earn you respect at the workplace and the ability to talk the same language as senior executives.”

He also revealed that although he did not venture into a totally different industry, after completing the MBA he climbed higher up the ladder and increased his salary by 30% in the first year.

Charlie works now at NBCUniversal as Programme Director.

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