MBA student interview: Yalda Babak

The next in our Student Entrepreneur Interview Series we caught up with Westminster Business School Masters in Business Administration (MBA) student, Yalda Babak. Recently awarded an Student Membership with the Institute of Directors at our presentation evening, Yalda has an impressive curriculum vitae – boasting previous employers such as Nestlé, she chose Westminster’s MBA programme in order to help progress her career on to managerial roles.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Yalda and I’m a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) student from Germany. Prior to the MBA I worked as a Key Account Manager in sales at the food company Nestlé in Germany for four years.

What motivated you to do an MBA?

After my Bachelor’s Degree I decided to move directly into work instead of pursuing a Masters immediately. I wanted to be exposed to the work environment in order to find out what the right direction for me was. During four successful years at Nestlé I realised that now was the time to enhance my management and leading skills in order to succeed further.

How important was your Pre-MBA experience in the MBA Admissions process?

As I was not included in the admission process I can only assume that the professional experience was very relevant. The MBA course is very practically orientated. Thus my work experience definitely helped me to understand and apply myself to certain topics. Therefore I strongly advise gaining work experience before starting the MBA.

How would you describe your social life and networking opportunities during your MBA at Westminster Business School?

In my opinion the social and professional networking opportunities at Westminster Business School are outstanding.

Our class consists of people from 11 different nationalities and different professional backgrounds. Working with them but also socialising outside of university has truly broadened my personal horizon.

Moreover I was awarded a membership of the Institute of Directors where you have the chance to network with students from many other universities and also with directors of interesting companies. Just yesterday I met a director of a travel company.


What are your plans for after MBA? 

Since I’m a dynamic person I prefer working in fast-moving industries such as the consumer goods industry. I still haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether I want to work on the corporate or consulting side.

What advice would you give to recent MBA graduates?

I would give them an advice that I’d give myself. Take the course seriously but find the right work-life balance as networking is quite difficult in the library!

What academic achievement are you most proud of to date?

I like challenges and this MBA course has so far been very challenging. Probably at my graduation I will be most proud – not only of the title but of the knowledge I gained and the experience I made in for example excursion such as a trip to Uganda to conduct a social entrepreneurship project.

What inspires you?​

I am inspired by people who are successful with what they are truly passionate about. For instance I got the chance to meet Kimbal Musk a great and successful entrepreneur. Aside from being the board member of Tesla Motors and SpaceX his passion is food. So he opened his own restaurants and fights obesity in the US.

I’m confident that my prior experiences and the MBA on top also give me the privilege to choose a job I’m truly passionate about.

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