The next in our Student Entrepreneur Interview Series, this week we caught up with Masters in Business Administration student, Wael Nahas. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Wael plans to found his own engineering business following his MBA, and is currently modelling his final project as a feasibility study for his own potential start-up.

Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Wael Nahas, and I am currently undertaking a full-time MBA at Westminster Business School. My professional career started in 2010 as a Mechanical Engineer in the construction industry in the state of Qatar.

What motivated you to do an MBA?

I reached a point in my career where technical experience alone would not continue to enhance my professional development. This is when I decided to learn the business side of engineering firms by acquiring an MBA degree. With both engineering and business backgrounds I can progress in my career to a higher level.

How important was your pre-MBA experience in the admissions process?

As a prerequisite to an MBA degree, candidates should be exposed to the real world prior to applying. The minimum level of professional experience is subject to three years. That is why my pre-MBA experience in engineering was of high relevance to the admission process.


How would you describe your social life and networking opportunities during your MBA at Westminster Business School?

In my cohort, and in the part-time cohorts too, students were of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. This created an opportunity for me as a student to create new connections not only professionally but also socially. We all respected one another’s backgrounds and worked together as a team to succeed in our studies.

What are your plans for after MBA? 

I am currently working on my final dissertation, which is a business investigation as a feasibility study. I chose this topic in order to test my future business’s potential when implemented in the state of Qatar. I aim to start my own business relative to my previous engineering experience after I graduate from the MBA programme.

What advice would you give to recent MBA graduates?

My advice would be to always stay in contact with you peers, since you never know when your career paths might meet in the future.

What academic achievement are you most proud of to date?

I am proud to graduate with an MBA degree. It wasn’t an easy path and that’s why I consider it as an achievement which shall stay with me forever.

What inspires you?​

I tend to like problem solving, that point I reach on a project where I have to come up with a creative solution when I come across something unexpected. To me personally, any problem I solve is an achievement.

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