MBA student interview: Preston Guse

Continuing our Student Entrepreneur Interview Series, this edition includes an interview with Westminster Business School Masters in Business Administration (MBA) student, Preston Guse. Originally from the United States, Preston hopes to develop his knowledge of running a company by studying for an MBA, with a view to returning to either the Financial Services or Consulting following his graduation. Read the full interview below.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My career has been in the Financial Services/Banking Industry.  Prior to moving to London my wife and I lived in Washington, DC.  The reason for selecting the University of Westminster was due to its location in London.  It was important to do an International MBA in order to experience living in a different Country and also learn how different cultures operate.  London enabled that as it is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

What motivated you to do an MBA?

My motivation for returning to school for an MBA is to gain an encompassing knowledge of operating a company.  Additionally, with education being a foundation for careers it is imperative to obtain a MBA, in order to open doors which may not have been available without the degree.  Having an MBA will get you an interview; while the learning you gained during the degree will help you land the job.

How important was your Pre-MBA experience in the MBA Admissions process?

I found applying to the MBA Program very straightforward.  My advice to potential applicants is to start the application process early.  There are many time consuming steps that need to be completed before moving to another country.  In particular the Student Visa process can take up to three months and finding a place to live in London while you are living overseas will take time.

How would you describe your social life and networking opportunities during your MBA at Westminster Business School?

I believe it is important to have balance between your social life and studies for you MBA.  Part of the reason I chose to move to London and do my MBA is to experience another Country and various cultures found in London.   The University of Westminster provides many Networking events throughout your MBA program which you can attend.  Particularly, they offer a Tuesday MBA Club in which guest speakers come and discuss current topics to both students and Alumni.

What are your plans for after MBA? 

Towards the end of the MBA Program I plan on considering positions within the Financial Services and Consultancy fields in London as well as back home in the United States.

What inspires you?​

My inspiration comes from the success I achieve.  I believe success is contagious and every achieved goal will drive the success of a person or company even further.

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