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The MBA International Study Trip to Krakow, Poland was a very informative experience for me. Coming from India, I had the opportunity to explore another European country and also network with various professionals from different fields. Westminster Business School is one of the few universities to include such study trips into the MBA program. These kind of trips do not only give you exposure to different businesses around the world but also explain how history and political events influence the country.

The trip included presentations from different professionals and entrepreneurs in Poland. On the first day we had a presentation from Mr Roman Mlodkowski – the owner of “Roman Mlodkowski Ventures and Consulting”. Apart from being a multi award winning journalist he was also the Head of News and Director of franchise TVN CNBC for 6 years prior to starting his own business. He gave us very good insights into the Polish economy after the communism time. Poland was mostly known to be a low labour country. However the speakers we met wanted to demonstrate that Poland no longer should be seen as a low labour country but as a country with high skilled labour. The number of entrepreneurs has been increasing constantly with an urge to work harder and more efficiently towards the development of their country. The town of Krakow also consists of a huge IT sector with highly educated labour. This is mainly due to the multiple universities around the area. Mr. Jacek Bielawski – the project manager at “Krakow Technology Park” briefed us about the IT sector and how the tech park creates and leads a culture of innovation in a post – communist environment. Some of the other companies that we met with were “Alexander Mann Solutions” – a HR company and “MIA”- an Interior designing and shop fitting company.

Westminster MBA International Trip

Apart from being presented by such diverse businesses and useful information we also had a panel discussion with professionals from the Online Marketing, Retail, and IT field. I was quite surprised to how honest and open the panel was to all the questions posed to them. They made sure to give us as much information and knowledge we required. Besides being a study trip the university had also organised tours around the city; giving us a chance to know the city and people in much more detail. They made sure we had the “must see” places ticked off while we were on the trip. Some of the places we seen were Auschwitz – the Nazi concentration camp and Wieliczka – Salt Mines. This study trip has definitely helped me gain a lot of knowledge in terms of understanding businesses in Eastern Europe. It has also been an eye opener on how well developed Poland has emerged after communism; with multiple world – wide companies investing here.

Westminster MBA International Trip


Trinette Fonseca Profile: A high achieving MBA student with an international track record of success across the statistical and analytical landscape, within the legal, airline, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Possessing highly developed statistical/technical customer analysis and research skills, together with exceptional project management and interpersonal engagement, developed through high profile operational roles. Committed to furthering a career in Strategic Planning and Marketing; primarily pertaining to the Automobile, Airline or Retail industry.

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