In deciding where to obtain my MBA the importance in the selection of a university that would assist me in accomplishing my career goals was imperative. One aspect of my career goals is to work for a global company in the financial services industry. With this goal in mind I decided I would obtain my MBA from an international university. The University of Westminster attracted my attention as they focus on recruiting students from all over the world, thus allowing me to learn from and build relationships with professionals from a range of backgrounds. Being exposed to how different cultures operate from a professional aspect has been eye opening and will be beneficial in my career growth. The University of Westminster’s location in central London solidified my choice in obtaining my MBA from the university, considering my background in banking and financial services. With London being the financial hub of Europe I have been able to network and connect with people who work in the financial services industry as I search for a position upon completing the MBA.

One of the modules I enjoyed the most was Strategic Management. The module was made interesting as we had numerous professors participate in the teaching of the course. The professors all had varying professional backgrounds which made the course very diverse as we worked through various case studies. Given the different backgrounds of the professors and the students there were a variety of opinions on the best strategic options for a particular situation which allowed me to see how people from various parts of the world view a business dilemma. A component of this module included a business simulation game in which teams were formed to lead an international company and compete against each other. This was a great experience as you managed all aspects of the company from strategy and finance to marketing and manufacturing.

London Is Our Campus


Living in London has been an incredible experience. The diversity in the city is unlike any city in the United States. While walking down the road you will hear multiple languages being spoken and see people in traditional dress from around the world. Additionally, the history of London is unbelievable as you can find buildings over 1,000 years old. You can also stop in and grab a pint from a pub that may be a couple hundred years old. Even though London is one of the largest and most progressive cities in the world you can still feel as if you are stepping back in time.


Preston Guse Profile: MBA student at the University of Westminster graduating in January 2016 looking for a position in the financial services industry within a global company. Strong leadership qualities exemplified by a history of successfully leading sales teams in the banking industry. Effective communication, teamwork and relationship building skills developed through previous experience as a banking relationship manager. Corporate finance exposure concentrated on long range forecasting and expense optimization.

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