Women in tech, gender equality, the glass ceiling – all hot topics of debate and all covered in our latest MBA Tuesday Club. With presentations from two of our MBA Alumni, Chimeren Peerbhai and Estera Jackowska and a follow up Q&A, it was a fantastic evening of debate, conversation and networking.

Hosted by MBA Director Dr Kellie Vincent, the first to present was MBA alumna Chimeren Peerbhai. Graduating in 2014 with a distinction, Chimeren is now Associate Director, Product Management at tech company IXICO and founder of and this wearable technology course!Westminster-MBA-Tuesday-Club-Women-in-Tech

With a focus on the gender and pay gaps, Chimeren clearly demonstrated just how much still needs to be done with regards to gender equality in the field of business. Firstly, Chimeren used a basic gender stereotype test, in which the audience was asked to visualise both an Applications Developer and a Receptionist – their gender, appearance and personality traits. Despite knowing the agenda of the question, the majority of the room instinctively fell into that all too easy trap of categorisation – the Receptionist was inevitably female and the Applications Developer male. The second tool Chimeren used to make her point was a range of quite frankly, staggering statistics:


With this in mind, it was interesting (and also great) to hear that tech occupations actually have narrower pay gap compared with other jobs.


Our second guest speaker Estera Jackowska then took a different perspective on the issue of gender equality in tech, focussing instead on the confidence gap. As leading women in the business world, both presenters have noted a different outlook from women (generally speaking) when it comes to career direction and negotiation. Whilst Chimeren argued that the pay gap is directly related to the gender gap, Estera’s presentation suggested that women need to be more empowered, more confident and more direct when it comes to working life and climbing that career ladder. As a recent alumna, Estera also highlighted how having her Westminster MBA has helped her to achieve her success.
Speaker Chimeren Peerbhai – recent MBA alumna of Westminster Business School and founder of

Setting up the room perfectly for a thorough and intellectual debate about women in tech and the issue of gender equality, these presentations were then followed by an exciting Q&A session chaired by Dr Kellie Vincent and some great conversation over a glass of wine:

The Women in Tech debate continues
Dr Kellie Vincent and guests

Many thanks to Dr Kellie Vincent, our Guest Speakers & the University of Westminster Alumni Team for organising this event. We are pleased to announce that the next MBA Tuesday Club is now being advertised and if you are an MBA alumni, student or applicant you can sign up to it here.

To find out more about the MBA course, please visit our MBA page, or search for the hashtags #WestminsterMBA and #MBATuesdayClub on Twitter and Instagram.

If you would like to find out more about Wearable Technology, for a discounted rate on Chimeren’s Udemy course, please use this link.

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