What are your Best Business Lessons Learnt? That was the theme of our most recent #MBATuesdayClub, which, taking on the slightly different format of an open discussion, certainly didn’t disappoint. With the evening’s discussion focusing on the business experiences and journeys of our MBA alumni and guest speakers, it was a great opportunity to learn from each other and highlight some of the challenges which accompany a life in business. 

To begin the session, MBA Director Dr Kellie Vincent opened proceedings with a short video clip featuring motivational quotes from several inspiring business professional. Dr Vincent then took the discussion to the group, allowing them to share their ‘Best Business Lessons Learnt’.

The top 5 ‘Best Business Lessons Learnt’

1. Graduating in 2014, Adrian Charles studied his MBA at Westminster Business School part-time. Joining us for the evening, Adrian highlighted the importance of taking yourself out of your comfort zone– it is only then that you will test yourself to your limits. As someone who has enjoyed a substantive career in finance it was great to get Adrian’s advice.

2. With a wealth of experience in the area of education and as a founder of various start-ups including Scandanavia Stories, MBA alumnus Warrick Harniess then spoke of the necessity of constantly reflecting on all your experiences, whether good or bad, in order to learn from them and to grow. As reflection is a key part of the Personal and Professional Development module and a theme which runs throughout the Westminster MBA, it was great to hear!

3. Mohammed Rahman, one of our newer undergraduate alumni also joined us for the occasion and shared his experiences of working as Managing Director of Westminster Business Consultants. Recounting his experiences of interning at Bank of America at the age of 16 of being told to bring in a sleeping bag on his first day, it was clear that pulling all-nighters didn’t faze Mohammed! He is a living embodiment of the phrase ‘short-term pain, long-term gain!’

4. We also had the pleasure of learning from author, economist and marketeer, Andrew Leigh. Andrew, who has written over 20 books on management including one on ethical leadership, stressed the importance of communication and being sensitive to the ideas and suggestions of others when working in teamsIn essence, who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view the contributions of one another.

5. To end the session, Bill Faust, a recent Guest Speaker on the #WestminsterMBA’s Personal and Professional Development module, championed the need for having all the decision-makers in the room if you are to be productive in getting things done effectively and in good time. Not clearly identifying all the decision makers, failing to understand the decision making process, and focusing on too few of the decision makers are some of the mistakes that Bill has had to learn from to get to where he is today. Definitely food for thought if you’re trying to close a business deal!


Only by taking a chance can you really make a change for the better…

By experimenting with the format of the MBA Tuesday Club and seeing how successful it was, I too have a piece of advice to pass on – nothing is set in stone, don’t be afraid of making decisions and taking risks even if the outcome is uncertain. Only by taking a chance can you really make a change for the better. 

Many thanks to Westminster Business School’s Alumni Relations Officer Bhav Davda for this blog. If you would like to find out more about the Westminster MBA, you can visit our website, attend one our Online Information Sessions, or alternatively come along to our next MBA Tuesday Club on Tuesday 9 April at 6pm!



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