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In the words of Vivienne Westwood, “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” Recently named the fifth best city to study in around the world by QS, it truly is an exciting place to be, but why should you choose to study an MBA in London? What is it about this fantastic city of ours that can add to your MBA experience and enhance your learning and personal and professional development? Here are a few of our ideas to help you with your decision:

  1. Books!

    It doesn’t matter what you choose to study, quite simply at some point you are going to need books! Perhaps you need books for your latest assignment, or perhaps just for a bit of light relief and relaxation time. Well, did you know there are over 120 different libraries in London, including specialist libraries and the British Library which holds over 150 million books? As a student in London you can also apply for a Reader Pass which will give you special access to reading rooms and collections. In addition to the many public and private library collections, as a Westminster MBA team member you also get access to the many university libraries across the city via the Sconul scheme.

    Credits: British Library 
  2. Museums

    London’s museums are a great place to go to get inspiration, bond with teammates or enjoy a new experience. With over 1000 museums and galleries in London, there’s always going to be something for someone!

    Credits: @vamuseum
  3.  The City of London

    London is a place full of networking opportunities, and if finance is your world, what better than to have the City of London and Canary Wharf on your doorstep? A quick search online will bring up a range of networking events that are available.


  4.  Talks and events

    There are so many talks going on in London sometimes it’s hard to know what to go to first. From Women in Leadership events to FinTech talks to startup meetups to political talks, everything happens in London. Keep your eye out for student prices and memberships as well!

    Credits: MeetUp.com
  5. We are a global city

    London is one of the most international cities with “100,000 international students studying in London every year.” (Study London). Apart from the fact that you’ll never feel too far away from home (you will always find local food, culture and people to connect with), just think of the networking! How many people will you meet from all over the globe and how many doors will that open for you? If you want a international and culturally rich learning and living experience, choose London.

    Credits: Visit London
  6. Amazing study spaces

    Aside from our on-site MBA hub, London is full of nooks and crannies and cool spaces to work and meet classmates in. From Google Campus to the V&A Museum, you can find out more via The Culture Trip.

    Credits: The Culture Trip
  7. AMBA in London

    Did you know that like Westminster Business School, the Association of MBS’s (AMBA’s) home is London? Having AMBA on the doorstep is a fantastic plus for any MBA student or alumni, because aside from the quality kite-mark that AMBA provides the Westminster MBA, this also means there are additional networking and social events to attend on the doorstep.

    Credits: AMBA
  8. Relaxation

    There is no doubt that undertaking an MBA will be a challenge, and it’s important when taking on such a task that you have opportunities for relaxation and personal wellbeing. Why not take a stroll in one of our many parks, or walk along the Thames, or you could treat yourself to one of London’s Turkish baths! Or if blowing off some steam is more your cup of tea then why we have bars and clubs aplenty 😉

    Credits: @meral
  9. Connectivity

    In this digital and globalised world, connectivity is everything. Not only is London a central hub for international flights, you can also hop on the Eurostar and be in Paris in just a few hours. Oh, and did I mention that we now have the night tube? That’s right – 24 hour tubes coming to all main lines soon!

    Credits: The Guardian
  10. A city of opportunity

    London is without a doubt, a city of open doors. It is home to one of the financial capitals of the world, yes, but it is also home to a vast host of marketeers, business people, entrepreneurs, artists, HR specialists, technicians, engineers and more. Resources and opportunities are everywhere – why not come and see for yourself? #LondonIsOpen

    London networkingCredits:DMWFExpo     

If you would like to find out more about the Westminster MBA, why not take a look at our website, or at these upcoming events:

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