After endless hours of writing assignments and studying for exams, I booked myself a much deserved trip home to Egypt. This trip has been different than the others. In January of this year, the Egyptians revolted against their government. Insistent… more
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Crunch Time

In three weeks I will have finished all of my assignments and exams with the exception of my dissertation which is due in September. In the midst of studying and finalising reports, I had what many students, particularly procrastinating perfectionists… more
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It’s a Brand’s World

A few days ago I was out with a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We agreed to meet on Oxford Street and then decide where to go for a coffee. A die hard Starbucks fan, my… more
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I Am an MBA

If ever there was an understatement it has to be ‘time flies’! I find it incredible how only a year ago I moved to London after having lived in Egypt for 15 years. It was a sudden move but one… more
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