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Day 4: No Power naps.. just power production

Team ROM

Today’s theme was ‘Communication and Teamwork’.

Time management seems to be a challenge for our participants, as we were meant to start at 9am, but actually only started at 9:45. Also, breaks that are meant to be 5-15 minutes end up being 30-40 minutes. Saying that they will commit to change seems to be different from honouring their commitment to change.

Today’s workshop began with an ‘Effective Communication” presentation, which was followed by a problem solving card game activity. This game was intended for the participants to utilise these effective communication skills and to solve the problem as a team. Next, we gave a presentation on Teamwork, and then broke the participant into teams to collectively come to a decision regarding a rescue operation exercise.

Our hope is that by re-designing the ‘Alliance’ with the participants, that they will honour time and be committed to change. The seeds have been planted and the rains is expected to come soon…………….. more
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Day 3: long hard days…

Days are getting longer! Today was more reality for team KCCC while for the other teams (ROM and KHC), there was more constructive work in the form of training, Business plans and Marketing strategy. We are steadily developing a great… more
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Day 2: On site..

Day 2: The day went really well for all the groups and the team members after meeting their respective charities, are starting to develop a new sense of optimism of delivering something concrete at the end of 2 weeks. Teams… more
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Improving the Alumni Association at WBS

Dear WBS students, I am aware that you are all very busy, but would really appreciate if you take a few minutes to answer a short questionnaire as part of my MBA dissertation: ‘Improving the Alumni Association at WBS’… more
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