Crunch Time

In three weeks I will have finished all of my assignments and exams with the exception of my dissertation which is due in September. In the midst of studying and finalising reports, I had what many students, particularly procrastinating perfectionists… more
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It’s a Brand’s World

A few days ago I was out with a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We agreed to meet on Oxford Street and then decide where to go for a coffee. A die hard Starbucks fan, my… more
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I Am an MBA

If ever there was an understatement it has to be ‘time flies’! I find it incredible how only a year ago I moved to London after having lived in Egypt for 15 years. It was a sudden move but one… more
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Improving the Alumni Association at WBS

Dear WBS students, I am aware that you are all very busy, but would really appreciate if you take a few minutes to answer a short questionnaire as part of my MBA dissertation: ‘Improving the Alumni Association at WBS’… more
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Accommodation in London

I am an international student and I came to London just to do MBA at Westminster Business School. When I arrived here I haven’t booked a place to stay. London is a city with many locations and it was not… more
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Beaumont House

Weekend at Windsor,…

  We are leaving for the Residential weekend ‘Leadership and Professional Development’ and will be staying at the magnificent Beaumont House in Old Windsor. We are promised plenty of leisure time in the next 3 days, which will be a… more
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Networking at Westminster

One of the key reasons for choosing Westminster Business School for my full time MBA, is its prime location. Central London is a rich and extensive resource for MBA students, and Westminster Business School makes full use of it through… more
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