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Posted on: 6 October 2015
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University of Westminster and the Latitudes Network partner universities are pleased to launch the first instalment of the Latitudes International Design Challenge 2015-16! LDC_poster_grey_for UoW 2 LDC_poster_grey_for UoW


Working across different latitudes, this international design competition brings together students from around the world to explore the global dimensions of Climate Change and address its challenges through collective design innovation.  Through virtual sessions organised across the partner universities, students will be able to use their skills and respond to a design challenge related to Climate Change in cities across Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia. Faculty staff and students from our partner universities will offer you advice and give you insights on the environmental challenges of their city and more detailed information on the case study, the site/or building. You will have the chance to win a Learning Exchange trip to another partner university, present your winning proposal and engage with local staff and students!

The steps area simple: staff from our partner universities submit a design challenge related to their cities. You form a team, choose a design challenge that best meet your interest and skills and register. You meet with your Latitudes local advisor and design your proposal, while you also attend two virtual seminars where you will meet other students across the network!


Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills, meet students and staff from other cities around the world, learn about Climate Change and exchange ideas for a more resilient world!

For more information on the competition, partner universities, design challenges and more, please visit our website:

Or contact us at:


For more about the Latitudes Network:

Latitudes is a global educational network that will engage future generations with the challenges of designing for climate change.

The agenda is simply that environmental change is best experienced if it is to be understood. Latitudes network will offer an opportunity to open doors into diverse climates, both real and virtual, for students and staff to engage in inter-disciplinary design research and learning by working across different latitudes and climatic regions. In this way our changing climate will become more tangible. Students and researchers will have the opportunity to think across boundaries, to create new ideas for living and working in an age of unpredictable climate. The latitudes programme will create memories about how important our climate is to the places we build and inhabit.

Current partners include universities in Turkey, India, Italy, Norway, Finland, Maldives, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia and UK.

Our teaching and research interest and current work spans cross four thematic areas related to design for environmental sustainability and climate change: Adaptation Design, Green Design, Resilience Design and Arctic Design.

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