Gangs and Roast Pork 2013

– A four-part comedy drama, which follows the day-to-day struggles and battles that a television production company may experience.

Episode 1- The Script- Two undergraduates, Harry and Emma battle it out for the winning script to be created. What will come out on top: Talent, or wealth? Meanwhile, Joanna and Peter clash over the producer role. Could Barbie have met the love of her life? Only time will tell.

Episode 2- The Shoot- With a portentous, big-headed amateur Actor, Warren Long on set, tensions are high. Barbie gets herself into trouble, but can she still save the day? Elsewhere things heat up between Emma and Susan

Episode 3- The Edit- As the editing commences, the tape with Judi Dench and Daniel Craig goes missing- Leslie and Michael are not impressed. Harry and Joanna plot whilst things heat up between Joanna and Peter, but is all what it seems? WOOF

Episode 4- The Show- The premier has finally arrived. The whole crew are stressed and are convinced the showing will be a disaster. Can Rog save the day? Emma and Susan’s relationship takes a major turn, how will those closest react?


Gangs and Roast Pork Toilet Scene


Filming the fight scene



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