Let’s move from cold Estonian Island to Jordan’s beautiful hot deserts, Wadi Rum, for a minute and enjoy the stunning photo report from our 3rd year students, an all women crew that successfully finished their filming in these challenging conditions.


wadi rum5

Esther Zheng, an crew member of this documentary explained what it the purpose of their journey:

”A special group of people live in Jordan, they are the Bedouins. They have rejected living a modern urban lifestyle and have sustained the traditional Bedouin culture until now. We want to explore the culture of the Bedouins and the influence of the tourism on the tribe.”

jordan doc4
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”Jordan is an amazing place, I have never imagined that I would love this place so much even though I was working all the time.”
wadi rum docwadi rum4jordan doc8
”During the shooting, we actually faced lots of challenges. The conditions we were filming in made the use of  equipment more complicated as the environment was dusty and windy. Especially the weather, it was extremely hot, we had a problem with the tripod, and I had to keep it as stable as I could. ”
Jordan doc
”Moreover, when we were filming a family, we wanted to show the children around there but they kept making noise which influenced sound recording. But I’m glad that we overcame these difficulties.”
jordan doc7
jordan doc6jordan doc5
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