Rewind the Generation is the game show where you get to play all those games you loved as a kid Jungle Run, Get Your Own Back, Gladiators, Dick and Dom, Finders Keepers, The show is inspired by the children’s game shows from the 90s and 00s and we invite teams who thought they were easy to come and have a go themselves.

Executive Producer Charlotte Davies, presenters Michael and Jordan, Executive Producer Jess Mitchell

Our brand new Ant and Dec Michael and Jordan-Lee bring a more adult atmosphere to the show’

Jess Mitchell executive producer says; “Rewind the Generation was a small idea that Charlotte and I had. But we never thought it would become something like this. It was an amazing opportunity for our final year to create a programme that we always wanted to do / watch. Our crew were amazing, we all worked so hard in our roles to achieve the best of this idea. Michael and Jordan were the best presenters for the job and made the whole filming week easy”

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The pre-production process went so smoothly for us! We found amazing presenters in our auditions and then got the rest of our crew to create an amazing team!! Set design was a particular challenge and hugely important to the success of the show but with the universities help we raised £1000 hired some lights and created what is the Rewind set.


We all got a sense of deja vu due to some of us watching these programmes as a child, so it was definitely a throw back! Re-creating the games was a challenge as we wanted to make sure it represented the game back in the 90s as much as possible! But with the support of Rob Benfield, our lecturer,whose knowledge of working on Game shows like Mad Fior It really helped us bring this show to life!


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For Charlotte the team and myself this was one of the most fun, exciting productions I’ve worked on in the last three years. Our crew was amazing, everyone got down and focused on this production, which I feel was our strong point in the end!
It is definitely a production I will cherish! Its not perfect but imagine it Saturday Night Live with people of all ages competing in the TV games they loved as a child and you have a great new idea! Today we claim copyright!

                            Jessica Mitchell


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