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Welcome to this virtual space where we hope you will able to find out what you need to know about ongoing developments in the University’s learning environment.

To find out more about specific projects, use the links across the top (Blackboard, Classrooms and Mobiles). To access the latest news about these projects you can click on Latest News above or use the ‘Recent Posts’ links to the right. If you just want the latest news for one of the 3 projects we are reporting on then use the category links (also to the right).

There are also a couple of short videos you can watch to get quickly up to speed with the review of infrastructure and environment for learning and teaching and with the ongoing projects that are beginning to address some of the recommendations arising from that review.

Finally, do if you wish, comment on any of the posts (latest news) or if you have a specific question or query please email Gunter Saunders.