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Life as a student living in a vibrant city as London is quite demanding and we all need to release some of the stress through sports. University of Westminster is now fully equipped to give you the chance to have a healthy life style  in a  world class gym with great central location. It provides you the perfect environment to give you a fit body and fit mind. The gym has flexible hours, and membership opportunities. Whole range of members from students, staff and non-academic members , very central location and modern high tech classes form the perfect environment to give you a break from your work load. You can get more information here about our new gym facilities on Regent Street


University of Heart of London Westminster : Life in Halls

Living in London can be quite hectic but in the living halls of University of Westminster students are in the heart of London outside of the hustle and bustle of the big  city. Living in the halls is a vibrant and dynamic experience  with easy access to the centre of London and classes. Everyday you wake up to a new day with amazing views of the city. Cosmopolitan side of London is very well reflected in the halls where it gives you the chance to live with students from all over the world. Of course, the wi-fi is super fast and free.

Student life can be very demanding and at times very exhausting so it is very important that you have a healthy lifestyle and comfortable place to stay. Here at University of Westminster we try to provide you the best experience we can in the heart of a vibrant city.




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