Part 1 : Preparation

You could say whatever you want but…preparation is, as far as I am concern, the hardest part of an Erasmus exchange. And paradoxically one of the most interesting one.

Imagine that I knew pretty much nothing of England or London (I visited London once, but I was 13 so, it’s kind of a blur).
So first step for a French : reading of the «Guide du Routard», most famous guide book for French people. What did I retain from it ? English people think French people are cold and frogs, we don’t have the same sense of humour but there is a lot of things to go through and discover over there : Museums, famous places worldly known, pubs, English students, foods from different countries, Buckingham palace…
But English people would say : this really a sum up and a short cut of our culture. So, that’s kind of the reason why I’m coming next Saturday. To learn more about them.

Bye bye to Paris and Hello London

Second step : find a place to stay. Another hard part. First thing : How can London people afford those prices ?? Ok, I am Parisian it must be similar to our real estate prices, they may think. But they are by far the winner on that part. So I went searching on sites like Gumtree, flat share… to find nice roommates from different countries. But it seemed like I started searching too soon ‘cause nothing was available for September. So I finally got lucky and found a place on the Harrow Hall of Residence. I am studying at Marylebone Campus but it doesn’t matter. I think, but I am maybe wrong, that it would be the best way to meet English people and students from other countries.
But I have to say, I am freaking out : I never lived alone like alone alone in a small room. I used to live with my 5 members’s family and then with my boyfriend so it’s kind of new. So please be nice with me :).
As a consequence, I also had to prepare my stuff and… make a suitcase. I said «a» maybe it’s not appropriate. For now I have 3 suitcases prepared and you couldn’t imagine the effort that it took me. 4 months, 4 months of uncertain weather. Oh I could imagine that it might me rainy, a lot… I won’t detail all my stuff because it’s boring but know that I am equipped for 4 seasons and all situations :-), which explains the 3 suitcases.

Moving to London Westmister Business School

I won’t bother you with the administrative details : insurance, health, Oyster card etc. That was the easiest part.
The hardest is to leave my country and discover something new. But now I am prepared for leaving. I can’t wait. Actually I am nervous as when I went to school for the first time. But I’m so looking forward to be there and meeting you all ! See you soon !


Aline Mothiron


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