Saturday was a roller coaster of emotions. First, sadness because I am a girl and I am very close to my family. So, yeah, I cried like a baby in the Eurostar… And then… I met English people. They helped me with my suitcases (my 3, remember ?) and thanks to them I didn’t feel like a stranger. I used to think that British people are cold but these two last days made me change my mind, for good.

Second emotion in my list : FEAR. With my sense of direction I almost got lost in this big city. I have just one question. Why is London tube so complicated ? I found out that you can’t improvise without knowing which direction to follow, even if you know the line. There are sometimes 3 lines on the same platform. But again, I asked a nice British people who explained to me very clearly. Actually, maybe it’s a way to meet people. Why not ?

After 3 hours, I finally arrived to Harrow Hall of Residence.

Making new friends

Third emotion : confidence. People were so nice, the fear just disappeared at the exact moment I met the members of Smoke and the Student’s Union. I couldn’t imagine it would be like this. Just easy. I met my kitchen-mates (yeah) : Tra (German girl) and Jamie (British guy) and we connected right away. Jamie offered to show me the supermarket and carry my stuff ! I put an exclamation point because it would never happen in France, above all in Paris. People there are rude and it’s like «your stuff, your problem». But here well, it’s a bit like heaven to make friends. I have  already attended two parties in two days and met a lot of people. That’s why I think the best way to take all you can from the Erasmus experience is to be in a Hall of Residence. Because you have to speak english ( I couldn’t find any French on the Harrow Hall Campus !) and because we are all here to have a great time together. So I know it may sound like the world of Bisounours – The care Bears  (I don’t know if you know it, it’s a TV show for kids with coloured bears who are talking about love all day long). But that’s what struck me these last two days. I won’t live this experience alone.

University of Westminster Erasmus Experience start here

Read my earlier blog here and see how it all started  This blog is written by Aline Mothiron

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