I can’t believe it but yeah! I finally arrived in London for my study abroad. Last few days were full of ups and downs and some stressful days. As soon as I got off  the airport bus shuttle in Baker Street –I had exactly the same fascinating feeling like  back in 2009 when I first visited London. Can´t tell you exactly what it is but most probably  the unique atmosphere of London…this is why I am here for my study abroad.

So back to the ups and downs…the list of things I wanted to get done in the past 3 weeks before I flew to London was pretty long – bank account, accommodation, insurance, learning agreements etc… so I was stressed and of course very excited.  Talking about stress ! I think I have lived my  the biggest stress at the Airport in Germany. As you can imagine my  luggages were at the edge of a massive explosion. So the polite lady at the check-in recommended that I should take some stuff out.  Yes I did take some off and put them all on and at the end I did look like a big snowman 🙂 Seriously ! On top of that,  my flight had a delay of 6 hours so I was super happy to arrive finally in London.

I now live in “Marylebone Hall” student accommodation, situated in the heart of London! It´s directly at the Marylebone Campus, so I can sleep longer as well 😉 A big plus! Next Monday my first week of classes will begin and I will make sure that I will update you with more blog post talking about my student experience here in University of Westminster. My room in the hall is quite small but most importantly nice and clean. I have my own shower and the kitchen where I share with 5 others. Sharing the kitchen with other students is actually a big advantage as you get to make friends. Making friends does come very handy …. As I have arrived in a desperate state, first thing I realised  was that my mobile phone charger doesn’t fit  in the UK socket. Thanks to my lovely neighbours on the floor who lent me their adapter I could charge my mobile right away!

Finally my first impressions at the end of my  first 2 days are: not every English man looks like Prince Harry, pupils wear  school uniforms here, the cashier at the supermarket askedme: how are you? how can London people afford their daily life? and how on earth I can avoid  to become a fashion victim here?

Next Monday my first week of classes will start and so I will tell you more about my  first taste of academic life in the UK. Watch this space for my next post.  And of course,  I am so  looking forward to meet you all !!!





  • Hello! I’m thinking about studying at Westminster next semester. What kind of room should I sign up for so I can have my own shower? Do all the rooms have their own shower? Feel free to e-mail me.

  • Hello Dani! If you want your own shower, then the best halls of residence is Marylebone, they have en-suite rooms priced at £189GBP per week. Other Westminster halls have shared bathrooms. You could also have a look at private halls of residence such as Victoria Halls in Wembley park whihc is 15 mintues on the tube from the Marylebone campus, priced at £182GBP per week, with en-suite shower and toilet.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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