Although the new academic year started off on the wrong foot, as a result of the unfinished construction works at the Marylebone Campus, the University of Westminster earned back our trust by organising a fun-filled, sun-filled and information-filled boat ride on the River Thames. This river crusade took place on the 19th of September, 2012. More than 300 students, 6 FANS and our BA Business Management Course Leader, Phil Sainter and Year 1 Leader, Kamala Balu, embarked on a river cruise like no other on the famous “Silver Sturgeon” River Boat.

The start of our day at The Savoy Pier

This sterling vessel arrived at the Savoy Pier at around 10:00, and after everyone had registered and boarded, we commenced our maiden voyage promptly at 10:30. During this once in a lifetime sea excursion, we were able to socialise and mingle with other Freshers. Surrounded by succulent mini burgers, mouth-watering seafood paella, sweet fruit juices and crunchy vegetarian sandwiches, students had no excuse but to sit back, relax and enjoy the historic scenery as the boat slowly meandered down the River Thames.

Cruising on the River Thames

Although it was a wonderful event, some students postulated that this could have been a tactical plot utilised by management to force us to listen to the long introduction to the BA Management Course Leader, and to endure a general knowledge quiz that no one seemed to know the answers to. Nevertheless, this big “Sorry for the construction delays” treat paid off big time and was a wonderful idea. Hopefully with enough encouragement, our superiors may consider making this an annual event ^_^!

Boat trip was a great way to meet new students


The BA Business Management River Cruise is written By: Melissa Toni Malanda


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