Something’s afoot!

Westminster Business School received a request from Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker Street stating that The Regents Park Ripper needed to be caught as a matter of upmost importance. Immediately Westminster Business School enlisted the help of our BA Business International and BA International Business Management Students. It turned out we had a number of Sherlock’s in that group already!

Sherlock Holmes Event

During the summer myself, my colleague Alex and some of our current students have been meeting and greeting all our new students from our Chinese and Vietnamese partners and really wanted to arrange an event in the first week of term which will bring us all together again. As we had been in contact with students via email and collected the students from the airport it was great to see everyone again in the same place and it gave everyone an opportunity to meet each other fully, catch up and explore some of central London. What better way to do this than to assist the work famous detective and local – Sherlock Holmes?

The first and most important step was to get everyone into character! We arranged costumes for everyone so to be suitably donned in the renowned deerstalker hat, pipe and have to hand a magnified glass – in case any clues needed a closer look. Everyone had their photo taken in a line up – just to check we didn’t have any suspicious characters in the group!

Dressed and briefed we headed to Regents Park for the first quest – to eliminate the suspects and find the true identity of the Regents Park Ripper!

Divided into 5 teams

Team Names: 

Fish & Chips
Prince F
VCU (Vietnam China Union)
Bat Man
Fast Girls

Each team had their own Dr Watson (who also happened to be one of our current Business School students) and set about finding clues. This tasks took students to the inner circle of Regents Park, past the bandstand, through the rose garden, a quick pit stop to feed the squirrels and ducks, past the lake and waterfall and finally to the Café. Each team employed a different strategy; some chose a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to the tasks, while others decide the best tactic was to stay together. Ultimately, deciphering the clues required a dual pronged approach; speed and cunning! And it was neck and neck going into the 2nd round between Prince F and VCU, but who would be victorious….?

Finding the Regents park ripper was no easy task and our keen eyed detectives scoured every inch of the park to find out who the Ripper was. An hour and a half later, twelve suspected eliminated and the Rippers identity exposed, we stopped in the Regents Park restaurant for lunch and refreshments.

Competition in full swing and desperation to be the first and triumphant Sherlock the groups to the chance eat lunch and work out the destination of the Rippers hidden bodies. The rivalry hotting up!

This proved to be an easy task for the refreshed Sherlock’s and gave them some time for some tomfoolery with Union Jack themed party packs.

Finally and as the afternoon was setting in to evening, all the mysteries solved and the investigation complete we all celebrated our collective victory at the bandstand and returned to the Westminster Business School for the winner’s presentation and gifts.

But who got their first!!!

Congratulations to PRINCE F! They concluded to the approval of Sherlock that The Regents Park Ripper was Arthur Brown the bodies were buried at Regent Park Map coordinate N6… and the Ripper could be apprehended at his address 10 Rochester Row.



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