Choosing where you want to go to university is an extremely personal — and one of the most stressful — decision that young people  and their families have to face. Choosing the right university is one decision but for many choosing the right country is another important one. So how do you decide where to study? Safety is one of the main concerns of the students worldwide among other things such as affordability,  and level of immersion.

Students worldwide believe the UK is the safest place to study, an international survey has found.  According to the survey, the perceived multicultural nature of Britain’s society is the key reason for its reputation as the most secure study destination, according to students from over 80 countries who responded to a survey conducted by the British Council and the online student forum The Student Room. Strict laws restricting gun ownership, along with good medical care, and a relatively low crime rate also contribute to the UK’s highly safe status. But having a “very multicultural society” was by far the most significant factor, with nearly 40 per cent of those who considered Britain the safest place to study citing it as the reason for their opinion.

You should also think about the following questions when deciding where to study.

● What language do you want to study in?

● What style of education are you looking for?

● How difficult will it be to get a visa?

● What are the University entry requirements?

● Which destinations are the most affordable?

● Are there opportunities for employment after study?

● Will culture shock be a problem?




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