A few weeks ago Evelyn and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Scilla Elworthy.

We spent a lovely morning with her and had the honor of asking her a few questions that we wanted to share with you all.

Her words spoke volumes.  They encapsulated so much knowledge, wisdom and lots of soul which we often forget to nurture every now and then in our pursuit of success and money – typical in business students!

Her career speaks for itself!

She’s the founder of:

Peace Direct, a charity with the mission of empowering local people and supporting grassroots peace builders in developing solutions to conflict resolution activities.

Oxford Research Group a think tank aimed at “building bridges for global security”.

Was appointed advisor to Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel in creating The Elders (Twitter: @TheElders).

And more recently has been featured on TED and TEDx talks.

For more on Dr. Scilla Elworthy you can follow the link to her  website

Also find:

Peace Direct at http://www.peacedirect.org/ and follow the charity on Twitter: @peacedirect

Oxford Business Group at http://www.oxfordresearchgroup.org.uk/ and follow the think tank on Twitter: @ORGinfo




  • ‘Involving business students in the human side of making business effective’ very smart thought.

  • On July 3 1940 Gandhi wrote an open lertter to the people of England “your soldiers are doing the same work of distraction as the Nazi,s. I want you to fight Nazism without arms. If Hitler &Mussolini choose to overrun England, let them. “Let them take possession of your beautiful island,with your many beautiful buildings.. You will give all these but neither your souls or your minds.. If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes , you will vacate them, This method has had considerable success in India”
    Churchill ignored Gandhi. 20million were killed. Nowadays we drive Mercedes and BMW’s
    What would have happened if Gandhi’s advise had been followed?

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