After traveling through many countries across Europe and Asia, London is still my favourite city, which acts as a fantastic platform to enrich my life and broaden my vision. As a marketer, we are supposed to keep ourselves exposed to the society all the time, reading the news, embracing the updated technology, even keeping an eye on celebrities gossip, etc. London provides a diversified and open platform for marketer to receive all the updates. The past 11 months have changed my life. See what I have harvested! You will be amazed and can’t wait to come to London!

Culture and Tradition

The impact of culture in London is greater than anywhere else in the UK. The Culture of London concerns the arts, music, museums, festivals and other entertainment in London. The city is particularly renowned for its theatre quarter, and its West End theatre district has given the name to “West End theatre”, the strand of mainstream professional theatre staged in the large theatres in London. Westminster Business School Marylebone campus is located in central of London with easy access to West End. Besides, London is also a hub to notable cultural attractions such as the British Museum, the Tate Galleries, and The National Gallery. When you are immersed in this environment, you will be inspired in your life as well as marketing work.




Easy access to high street

The thriving high street is where London can be proud of, which the world will admire, where people and places are connected, where locals and visitors want to be, and where there is a sense of history, diversity, community, fun and well being. The Oxford Street and Bond Street are just a moment distance from Marylebone campus, which will keep you on the edge of fashion and trend.

Job opportunity

London is a major financial centre for international business and commerce and is one of the “command centres” for the global economy. English is the native language and the dominant international language of business. The special relationship between the United Kingdom and United States and the United Kingdom’s close historical relationships with many countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is good news for international students as more and more job opportunities are offered in London. We will have more working placement or internship than any other cities in UK. Its location is in a central time zone that allows it to act as a bridge between US and Asian markets. This also benefits young entrepreneurs. If you are ambitious, then definitely  London is for you. For me choosing Westminster Business School for my studies brought a wide variety of local opportunities along with great education. Once in London, you sense already that everything will be different.


Meet our new student blogger Minna Chen MA Marketing Communication from Shanghai, China

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